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Laboratories Working Together.

GelbChem scientists have teamed up with other leading Newborn Screening (NBS) labs across the United States to standardize a second-tier biomarker test recently implemented in a number of US states.

In December 2019, GelbChem distributed q-NMR certified psychosine dried blood spot (DBS) calibrator sets to the four participating labs. GelbChem quality control analysts will share quantitative LC-MSMS data from these QC DBS with participating labs who are working together to ensure that results are consistent across their states.

By standardizing controls in Newborn Screening LC-MSMS tests, we can ensure that false-positives are minimized and that rare genetic diseases are consistently caught early enough to save lives.

GelbChem is making Innovative and High-Quality Reagents easily accessible to its Customers

GelbChem is composed of a team of scientists who are experts in Newborn Screening for rare genetic disorders. For over 15 years, Gelb Lab has been working hard with researchers across the country to innovate, improve, and standardize accurate techniques for NBS. Now GelbChem scientists are devoted to providing quality substrates, biomarkers, and reagents to bolster precision within Newborn Screening across the globe.

Escolar ML, Kiely BT, Shawgo E, Hong X, Gelb MH, Orsini JJ, Matern D, Poe MD. 2017. Psychosine, a marker of Krabbe phenotype and treatment effect. Mol Genet Metab, 121(3): 271-278.

GelbChem Psychosine DBS Calibrator Set


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