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Analytical Services

Enzyme Assay & Biomarker

for Research, Pre-Clinical, and Clinical Studies


Study Planning

Need help determining the best biomarkers or enzyme activity method for sample monitoring? Our experts can help. With over 20 years experience in bioanalytical methods and enzymology, our experts will help you with choosing the most up-to-date methodologies for monitoring of your study.

Sample Processing

Let our scientists process your samples, including isolating leukocytes or plasma from whole blood, preparation of dried blood spots, homogenization of tissue samples, and more. Enzyme activity and biomarker levels will be measured in the matrices which best support the goals of your study.

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Total Support

We prioritize customer support and collaboration through every stage of the process. Our dedicated research team is here to assist you at every step, whether you have questions about the sample analysis process, need clarification on analytical results, or require assistance with data interpretation.

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