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New from GelbChem: BTD-GALT Duplex Cocktail

A BTD-GALT Duplex Cocktail is now available Only From GelbChem! Get the relevant reagents and assay buffers for measuring biotinidase (BTD) and galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase (GALT) enzymes in DBS by LC-MSMS.

With the Duplex Cocktail, easily measure both GALT and BTD enzyme activities in DBS with a single LC-MSMS injection.

Deficiencies in these enzymes are associated with the conditions galactosemia and biotinidase deficiency. The measured GALT activity is not affected by G6PD deficiency. All the assay ingredients are included in the Duplex Cocktail product package.

Separate cocktails for GALT and BTD are also available individually, and enzyme assay reagents may be purchased separately if desired.


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