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Kit for the LC-MS/MS analysis of the Endogenous GAG NRE Biomarker: UA-HNAc(1S)-Late. This GAG NRE has been cited in literature (Herbst et. al. 2022) as useful for second tier screening of MPS-II*.

The Kit includes the following QCs and Reagents for 3,000 Assays:

  • 1 Vial of Internal Standard for 3,000 Assays (product BM14A);
  • 75 Vials of Derivatization Reagent for 50 Assays;
  • 1 QC "Negative" DBS Card (10 Spots, 60 punches);
  • 1 QC "High" I2S Deficiency DBS Card (10 Spots, 60 punches) (product QCEG-2).

Endogenous GAG NRE Biomarker Kit (I2S Deficiency)

  • Herbst, Z.M., Urdaneta, L., Klein, T., Burton, B.K., Basheeruddin, K., Liao, H.C., Fuller, M. and Gelb, M.H., 2022. Evaluation of two methods for quantification of glycosaminoglycan biomarkers in newborn dried blood spots from patients with severe and attenuated mucopolysaccharidosis Type II. International Journal of Neonatal Screening, 8(1), p.9.

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