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Endogenous Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) Disaccharide, "UA-HNAc(1S)-Late" prepared with blood from a healthy adult. Product consists of one QC High DBS card prepared with blood from a healthy adult spiked with the Endogenous Disaccharide, "UA-HNAc(1S)-Late." One control DBS card prepared with unspiked blood is also provided. Each DBS card contains ten DBS. At least six 3 mm punches can be taken from each DBS.


*The Endogenous GAG Disaccharide, "UA-HNAc(1S)-Late," was described by Herbst et. al. as being elevated in 18 MPS-II Newborn DBS (I2S deficiency) when compared to a reference range of healthy newborns and newborns with I2S Pseudodeficiencies.


Internal Standard sold separately (product BM14A).

Endogenous GAG NRE Biomarker "UA-HNAc(1S)-Late" QC DBS

  • Herbst, Z.M., Urdaneta, L., Klein, T., Burton, B.K., Basheeruddin, K., Liao, H., Fuller, M., Gelb, M.H., 2022. Evaluation of Two Methods for Quantification of Glycosaminoglycan Biomarkers in Newborn Dried Blood Spots from Patients with Severe and Attenuated Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II. International Journal of Neonatal Screening, 8(1), p.9.

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