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Kit for the LC-MS/MS analysis of the Endogenous GAG NRE Biomarker: UA-HNAc(1S)-Early. This GAG NRE has been cited in literature (Herbst et. al. 2020 ) as useful for second tier screening of MPS-I*.

The Kit includes the following QCs and Reagents for 3,000 Assays:

  • 1 Vial of Internal Standard for 3,000 Assays (product BM14A);
  • 75 Vials of Derivatization Reagent for 50 Assays;
  • 1 QC "Negative" DBS Card (10 Spots, 60 punches);
  • 1 QC "High" IDUA Deficiency DBS Card (10 Spots, 60 punches) (product QCEG-1).

Endogenous GAG NRE Biomarker Kit (IDUA Deficiency)

  • Herbst, Z.M., Urdaneta, L., Klein, T., Fuller, M. and Gelb, M.H., 2020. Evaluation of multiple methods for quantification of glycosaminoglycan biomarkers in newborn dried blood spots from patients with severe and attenuated mucopolysaccharidosis-I. International journal of neonatal screening, 6(3), p.69.

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