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Carbon-13 labeled Globotriaosylsphingosine (LysoGb3-13C6), biomarker internal standard for deficiency of α-Galactosidase A (GLA). 



The absolute amount of LysoGb3-13C6 in the vial was determined using quantitative NMR to have the stated value on the vial. The vial may have additional components, but none are isobaric with LysoGb3-13C6, and these additional components have no effect on the ability to quantify the LysoGb3-13C6.

LysoGb3 (13C6-labeled)

  • 13C6-Globotriaosylsphingosine


    Catalog Number: BM36A


    Chemical Formula: C30 13CH67 N O17      

    Molecular Weight: 791.87


    Approximate Amount per Assay: 0.8 ng


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