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HGSNAT & GNS Enzyme Assay Cocktails

GelbChem's Newest Enzyme Assay Reagents for LC-MSMS

GelbChem's newest All-in-One Cocktails provide you with the reagents to work up biological samples for the measurement of HGSNAT & GNS enzyme activity.

Mutations in the HGSNAT and GNS genes are associated with Lysosmal Storage Disorders (LSDs) MPS-IIIC and MPS-IIID.


Our All-in-One Enzyme Assay Cocktails were designed to save you time by providing all the reagents you need to set up an enzyme assay in one product.*

With each All-in-One Cocktail, you receive a pre-mixed vial of qNMR quantified Internal Standard and Substrate, a vial of the relevant Enzymatic Product, and the Assay Buffer.

*Common solvents and the materials for LC-MSMS are not included.

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