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Welcome to GelbChem

Specialty Chemicals for Enzyme Activity and Biomarker Assays

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Who We Are

GelbChem is a company based in Seattle which provides reagents for  Enzyme and Metabolite Assays. For over 20 years, Dr. Gelb's laboratory has been a leading force in the development of new technologies in newborn screening and diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism. With Dr. Gelb's leadership, GelbChem's founders are now making these methodologies accessible to researchers across the globe.

Why Choose GelbChem?

As the researchers who developed most of the commonly used mass spectrometry-based lysosomal enzyme and metabolite assays, we understand the need for high-quality reagents for precise, reproducible and sensitive assays.  Every shipment of our products goes through the highest quality control, including absolute quantification of biomarkers and internal standards by qNMR and testing of substrates for enzymatic activity with biological samples.   

Why qNMR is important?

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Contact Us       


GelbChem, LLC.

4000 Mason Road, # 300, 

Seattle, WA, 98195

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